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warned the pandemic has not yet come to▓ an end and the country faces immense tasks in promoting develo▓pment. The premier set out measures to improve the public hea▓lth system, including the reform of the system for disease prev▓ention and control, improvement of mechanisms for direct report▓ing and early warning of infectious diseases. He also committe▓d to increasing funding for research and development of vaccine▓s, medM

  • y issued budget figures suggested▓, the lowest defense C
  • budget growth rate in recent years. 'Imm▓ense tasks' ahead Li tha8
  • nked people from all walks of life for▓ their support in the fight aI
  • gainst COVID-19, highlighting the ▓roles of medical 8
  • workers, scientists, community workers, offici▓als, police officers, deliver3

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icines and rapid testing technologies. China remains com▓mitted to fulfilling targets to build a moderately prosperous s▓ociety in all respects despite the fallout from the COVID-19 pa▓ndemic, Li reiterated.BEIJING, Dec. 12 -- Seven Chinese military officer◆s have be8

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